What a Difference 7 Days Makes

Week 1. I was sitting in the first day of the Fit Mind Fit Body class looking around at the others that joined me. As we introduced ourselves, we heard the different reasons for joining. That day started a bond with others that would go through this with me. I was not alone. The program came with the class, materials and one day of personal training. Hmm, personal training, huh?

I was determined that I was going to take in all that this class had to offer. That first week, I read the material and did the homework like I was being graded…although you are not. There is no expectations at all. Go at your own pace. This is a very personal journey for each person. How I did it and how the next person does it, is and can be totally different. Because I made up my mind to follow this to the end, I HAD to be focused. After all, this was about me and I am worth it. I began to learn about what motivates me and how to keep that motivation in front of me. This was a new and different way for me to think. Change is good. Change is good. I had to keep saying it to myself.

I set a day to do personal training. But wait, I had nothing to wear. I bought a cute little outfit in the plus size store, you know, form fitting leggings and a form fitting tank top. Believe me when I say the thighs to my existing jogging pants were eaten up by being rubbed together and all of my t-shirts were too tight. I didn’t want to go to personal training with a form fitting tank top, so I went to the drawer and picked out a tight t-shirt with the Incredible Hulk on it. I felt that looking down and seeing the Hulk all mean and buff would give me inspiration during work out. In addition, I pronounced the first day I walked in personal training “I know this shirt is too tight, but I am wearing it to work out until it fits”. I enjoyed the energy of the work out but my body hurt when I got home. I poured Epsom salt in a hot bath, took Ibuprofen and was in bed asleep within 5 minutes of drying off. It was not easy that first day but it has been worth it. And, I am worth it. So what is the difference in 7 days? 7 pounds down. I think just the initial changes in eating the correct portion and increased movement was enough to make a great jumpstart. Feel free to follow along with my progress and start your own progress. Comment on some things you have done differently.

Written by PurplePearls

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