Do the Cabbage Patch Dance

Week 3. A few weeks into the 12-week Fit Mind Fit Body program. By now, I have reviewed more material and been to about 3 personal training sessions. Although we are not talking about food and nutrition yet, going to the class made me more aware of being mindful about what I eat. I am really starting to learn what motivates me to keep going every day. Wow, this is going to be every day! But I am living every day, I intend to live longer days as well. I will just have to keep at it. We talked about weighing ourselves regularly and setting realistic goals. One of the items in the materials was a journal. I don’t journal faithfully, but I started up again with this program. I am stepping on the scale every day.
I am already seeing a slight change. I am down another 0.6 pound this week. Hey, it’s the little victories…that is 7.6 pounds total! Woohoo! That’s when I break into my cabbage patch happy dance “go girl, you can do it, go girl, keep going”. I have slowed down eating so much and I am controlling portions. I have incorporated drinking more water into the day. Just the change to more movement has effected the scale. I love that what I learn in personal training is totally transferrable to the house. I have been doing squats, stretching, moving during commercials or while watching tv, taking the stairs just because and marching in place while drying the dishes. I think every little bit helps. At work, I sit all day so I have started parking a little farther away each day, walking to the farthest printer/copier, drinking more water so I go to the bathroom more often then go to a farther bathroom. I also incorporated 10 squats each time I go to the bathroom (mostly when no one is in there to hear me grunting because I am asking this body to do something different). All of these small changes are different for me. However, I have been doing the same thing for years. This is the year to change that. Feel free to follow my progress and do something different than you have done before too. If I can do it, anyone can.

Written by PurplePearls

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