Pull Over, You’re Eating Too Fast

police carWeek 4. Mindful Eating. Each week we come together to share how we have done over the previous week, review the concepts learned, go over homework assignments and share with each other. I have been to one personal training session each week so far. Yay, me! I am learning proper form when lifting weights and working my total body. The first day I trained I could barely lift a 5 lb weight with both hands and now I am up to 7 and 8 lb weights. Go, girl. One of the homework assignments this week was to eat slowly and mindfully savoring each bite with no distractions. Ok, that is easy. So, I prepared my plate, turned off the tv, sat down alone and ate one bite at a time, slowly. Whew, that was harder than I thought. I guess I am more used to the shovel method so it was harder than I thought to be intentional, slow and actually chew each bite. One thing I did notice was the flavors and textures. Before, I think I barely had it in my mouth before it hit my stomach. And you know what, I was actually full off the correct portion. Would you look at that?
The image above is from choosemyplate.gov and we reference it quite a bit in the 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. As a matter of fact, there is an actual tangible plate that looks like this. I have seen and touched it. What it tells me more than anything is that I was eating WAY too much. The first time I saw it, I thought, I need a second one just like it without the vegetable or fruit spots to monitor how I had been eating. But, insert good news here, I am getting it. My overall current philosophy is to make a better choice than the choice before and do that each time. I did not cut out the things I love to eat. I did not start working out on 10 because I know I can’t keep that up. For example, I would go out to eat three times a day and was eating as much as I could or wanted. The first week, I dropped that to twice a day instead three. Then, it changed to once a day, but maybe a sub on white bread. I may skip a day eating out and when I did go out, I chose a whole grain sub instead of one on white bread. I slowly started adding vegetables and a little less meat and bread to meals. I now have at least one piece of fruit in a day, even if it is only one blueberry. Hey, no judgement, I have to start somewhere. This week, down another 2 pounds for a total of 9.6 pounds! Eating more mindfully is working! Next challenge up is a trip to the beach. We’ll see how I do. Feel free to follow my progress and try the mindful eating exercise. Comment on your experience when you ate one meal slowly, chewing each bite with no distractions and alone. Did things taste different? Did you eat less? Did you find it difficult to do?

Written by PurplePearls

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