Hey, There’s the Finish Line

finish line

I have never been in a race, but I can imagine this is what it feels like to cross the line. I completed the 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program! I feel such a sense of accomplishment right now. Starting out 12 weeks ago, I had never attempted to lose weight. I was 340 pounds and looking for a change. In the 12 weeks, I have gained life-long friends and fellow partners in the journey. I have learned about myself and what motivates me. I have become stronger physically and mentally. I turned 40 and am able to celebrate all of the small triumphs that have occurred along the way. I am working out twice a week with Mindful Bodies and incorporating at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. My body has been stretched, moved, sore and tired. However, there is a payoff. I am now 318.4 pounds. That is down 22 pounds! I have NEVER been down 22 pounds. I have only been up and up and up. I have mentioned that one of the items in the lesson plan was to make a memory list or memory box to capture good memories for later motivation. You may have read in an earlier posting that I am my own best cheerleader. In that same spirit, I write down all of the good things. One is the day I parked in the farthest spot and made it in and out of work. May seem like a small thing for some but when your thighs rub together, you are out of breath by 2 cars past yours and you are sweating profusely by the 5th car with 30 more to go, it’s a big deal. 12 weeks later, I park in that same “farthest” spot and can even talk to someone on the way in. Another great memory was the day a co-worker walked past me at the copier, stopped, backed up, walked again, then turned around and discreetly said “are you losing weight”? Oh, that was pure elation that the sacrifice, aches and dedication to something different had been noticed by someone that didn’t know what endeavor I had taken to task. I was the worst offender of a fit lifestyle, but again I say, if I can do it, so can you. Feel free to follow my progress as I transition after the program. That is a scary thought, but there is Fit Forever. I will be able to meet and go over the skills I learn, gain encouragement from others that have completed the program and not have to go at this thing alone. Comment how you have kept going if you have made or making any type of lifestyle change.

Written by PurplePearls

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PurplePearls started writing a transformation blog to chronicle her weight loss journey which began when she joined the Mindful Bodies 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. She shares her hopes, fears and experiences as she journeys to lose 160 pounds.
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  1. Sharon Mosley says:

    Thank you for sharing, this is inspiring. The memory box is a great idea and can be used in many areas of life.

    • PurplePearls says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. It is a process and I am using all the tools available to help me out.

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