The Day I Crossed My Legs Again

I don’t know how many women have been the “big girl” and “thick” in many places. I have been that thick girl for years and years. The outside has never made me, although my outside is fabulous and fluffy. I have always defined myself as what lies on the inside. After making up my mind to follow a weight management journey, not all days have been easy. One thing about gaining weight over time that I have come to realize is there are certain things that can be lost in the process. I mean, I had given up booths for comfty tables, gave up heels for flats, gave up form fitting clothes for stretch-and-hide garments and I gave up crossing my legs. As my thighs expanded, it was hard to get them across each other. I never really thought about anything I lost when I gained weight. I actually didn’t feel I had lost anything until I started peeling back the onion and the layers in the 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. There was an exercise that asked us to delve a little deeper into our reasons for wanting to lose weight. The pounds came on so gradually that I didn’t miss certain little things. So for years, I sat neatly on the chair with my legs crossed at the ankle, holding my thighs together so as to not seem un-lady like. Nothing wrong with that. There was not a day that went by where I wondered about being able to cross my legs. Nope, I never thought about it or missed it. Now, about two and half months after the end of the program and almost 6 months after starting this weight management journey, I am feeling pretty good. I woke up one Sunday and did a little cardio to start my day. Believe me, this is still new to me. I am still surprising myself with the things I do these days. I went out about my day, came in to a nice, big salad I had prepped, and sat down to enjoy some TV. As I sat there, I crossed my legs. I crossed my legs! Mind you, I wasn’t thinking of anything special when it occurred to me to cross my legs. It had surely been a decade or more since the last time I crossed my legs. Now, hold on, it wasn’t a full, unobstructed cross, or one ready for public consumption, but it was a cross nonetheless. Remember, give yourself credit? I give myself credit for working hard and slimming these thighs down! I wanted to share this experience because as weight continues to drop, slowly but surely, I am finding a few things that I can do differently that I never knew I couldn’t do. So, today, I crossed my legs again and tomorrow it will be something else. What have you done differently or what would you like to do again that you haven’t done in a while? Feel free to follow my progress.

Written by PurplePearls

About PurplePearls

PurplePearls started writing a transformation blog to chronicle her weight loss journey which began when she joined the Mindful Bodies 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. She shares her hopes, fears and experiences as she journeys to lose 160 pounds.
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