It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I never noticed just how much food is consumed over the holidays. There is food out there I never remembered being a problem before. I guess that is because I was eating and indulging without a care in the world. There is an inordinate amount of parties and socials to attend. Every time I turn around, there is a plate of this or a tub of that. The office Christmas party was held last week and it is my first year celebrating with this group. The floor in our office is open from end to end and can accommodate about 100 people. There were tables set up from one end to the other, food as far as you could see and 360 degrees. I wasn’t expecting that, but I was expecting there to be food and lots of it. It was also the day of an award ceremony (that morning) where I was awarded medals for the work I do at my job. This was an awesome honor. During the ceremony, I was thinking about the upcoming party and how proud I felt about these achievements. This healthy lifestyle is an achievement, so I had a talk with myself about how I would stay on course. After the award ceremony, I came back to the office with the scent of ham, sweet treats, meatballs, bread and sticky goodness floating in the air. I scampered to my desk for a quick pep talk. “You don’t have to experience a set back because of this party”. “You have worked hard, get sensible portions”. “Remember your weight loss goals, you only have 6 more pounds to go this year”. The call came to the masses for lunch to begin and people lined up loading their plates, laughing and talking. I was talking but I was focused, carefully surveying the tables for options. Yes, I tripped over the Golden Corral yeast rolls, that was a tricky one…or two. However, I kept within my overall goals for the day. That day, I got up from the desk more often and walked around more throughout the day because I knew I didn’t have a workout scheduled that evening. It is also Week 6 of the “Maintain Don’t Gain” challenge at work. The challenge started the week before Thanksgiving and ends the week after New Year’s. I weigh in at the beginning of each week and am actually almost 1 pound down from where I started. I am very pleased because I know there is the potential to gain 5-10 pounds during the holiday and I have been able to maintain, even lose a little. Singing “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. This week I celebrate one year from the day I decided to make a healthy lifestyle change. My overall goal of losing 160 pounds in 5 years is now a little bit closer. Today, I have to lose 116 pounds in 4 years. See how fast that went? Before I know it, I will be another year from this. Feel free to follow my progress as I embark on the next year. Wishes for safe and happy holidays for you and yours.

Written by PurplePearls

About PurplePearls

PurplePearls started writing a transformation blog to chronicle her weight loss journey which began when she joined the Mindful Bodies 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. She shares her hopes, fears and experiences as she journeys to lose 160 pounds.
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