Vacay Maylay

In the previous blog “And the Winner Is…”, I started describing that right after Thanksgiving I took a few days off to rest, relax and rejuvenate. One of my first thoughts were to pack workout clothes and check out the amenities of the facility. In fact, I booked my place based on them having an indoor pool and a work out facility. I arrived the first day and made a list for the grocery store. I purchased items to make sandwiches, salads, bought fruit and yogurt. This is a far cry from not having anything in the vacation refrigerator except wine. The past times were spent eating out every meal thinking that was a treat while on vacation. This year, my treat is maintaining all of the hard work I have put in to date. At this point, I am reflecting on where I was a year ago. I still did not have health, weight management or workouts in my mind. Since dance fitness is one of my current exercise routines, I found a Mixxed Fit class in the area and arrived at the rec center pumped and ready to dance off some calories. Because of a miscommunication in the schedule, I ended up in a total body conditioning class. It was the hour before the dance class. I could only think the front desk lady wanted to play a cruel trick on me. Man, that was one hard work out. I wasn’t exactly ready. It was a combination of weight training, exercise ball, medicine ball, rubber tubes and intense cardio. I have been getting better gradually but this class threw everything at me with a greater intensity. I really had to talk myself through this one. There was a lady in there that appeared to be in her late 60s. I am 40. She was hanging right in there, so I figured I can’t let her out do me. I am already in here and I can’t just walk out! Oh my, I got to one point and said if the instructor calls out one more exercise, I am going to cry. But I made it the whole class and I am proud I stuck in there. I even attended the Mixxed Fit class right after it. I was so sore but I did it. On another night, one of my girlfriends invite me to workout with her. I said yes BEFORE she described this boot camp type high intensity interval workout. I thought of a million excuses to get out of it. They put the screws to me people. Battle ropes that made my arms noodles, so many squats I think my legs went numb and other exercises I had never attempted. I was done…I mean done, but I pushed through. Pushing through this week, on my own, on vacation, building in exercise and mindful eating gave me a sense of I-can-do-anything-I-put-my-mind-to kinda thoughts. In addition to vacation, I came back to a girl’s night out party and a buffet luncheon to celebrate an anniversary. I believe this was one of life’s little gauntlet challenges to see how I maintain despite having many food-related obstacles thrown at me. Aww, that was a dirty one. Hey, I did get a little muddy but overall, I maintained and did not get off course. Maintenance through all of that is a win! Shake a tail feather and feel free to follow my progress as I begin to approach the one-year mark of making the decision to lead a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

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PurplePearls started writing a transformation blog to chronicle her weight loss journey which began when she joined the Mindful Bodies 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. She shares her hopes, fears and experiences as she journeys to lose 160 pounds.
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