Watch Out for the Creeps!

It has been a couple of months and I find that wellness, being healthy, maintaining weight and practicing fitness has become a real part of my lifestyle. I no longer think of it as an option, but a necessity. Like all things, the more you do it, the more chances you get to become lax and complacent. Weight gain, old habits and the attitude of “I can start again tomorrow” or “just this one won’t hurt” can sabotage our thoughts more often. It can creep in like a thief and catch you unaware. So, I got caught by a creep. Subtle. Beguiling. They are slick and out there no matter how well you think things are going. This is definitely my story. Since my last post, I have been a busy bee. I had a birthday and I did do something different than the usual food fest. I invited all of my friends to a work out party. We danced, sweated and had a ball. I don’t think working out for my birthday was ever a desire. But, this year as well as last year, it was a desire for the first time in 40 years. I have also had the busiest time at work since starting this new job May 2016. I had the ability to work from home full time for 3 weeks, which is not normal. I was working on a big project with a quick deadline. I was reading nonstop so I moved less. I was at home so food was more accessible and I had a minor injury that set me back a week. I guess my point is that you will have things come up AND busy times at work AND putting out fires at home AND family issues OR anything else that can happen. That is life. Through all of that, we must keep our skills in front of us. “Get back on track right away”, remember that one? It is my favorite skill of all because I don’t have to get too far out there before coming to my senses and dust myself off. In addition, I worked really hard to take off 50 pounds last year and I don’t want to negate all of that work. I am very pleased that I only gained a few pounds. I was up a little, down a little and for the most part maintained. I am definitely in a self-inflicted plateau. I have still been working out (even went to the gym at 4:30 am for 3 mornings while out of town) and I am generally mindful when eating. However, to achieve my goals of more weight loss, I will have to revisit, revise, renew and refresh my thinking. I am also in a wedding this coming June. Wouldn’t you know June weddings have arms and backs out as you walk and stand for all to see? With this work deadline almost behind me, I have to “get on the good foot” and watch out for the creeps! I am still down 45 – 50 pounds, but to reach that next goal of 25 more pounds this year, I can’t give up or get lax now. Feel free to follow my progress and let me know what you did to get back on track when life threw you a few curve balls.

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PurplePearls started writing a transformation blog to chronicle her weight loss journey which began when she joined the Mindful Bodies 12 week Fit Mind Fit Body program. She shares her hopes, fears and experiences as she journeys to lose 160 pounds.
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