Virtual Mental Health Awareness Month Mini-Conference Sessions

Sat 5/16/20 from 8 am – 1 pm.

Register to attend the conference The Zoom Videoconferencing meeting information will be emailed by Eventbrite to all registered conference participants, a few hours prior to the conference.

The cost of the conference is $Free and open to the public but donations are appreciated on

The primary objective for the conference is for participants to leave the conference with a better understanding & resources for improving their own mental health and the mental health of others. Knowledge is power and can help decrease the stigma that is often associated with mental health concerns. Mental health knowledge can also empower people to take action to improve their mental health outcomes.

The conference includes six 30-minute educational sessions that are taught by Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (LCMHC)s & Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associates (LCMHCA)s & four 15-minute self care breaks.

Session Title

Educational Session & Self Care Break Descriptions
Presenter Info
8 amVirtual Walk/ Run EventMatthew Thompson & Yolanda Jones
9 – 9:15 Welcome & mini self-care break #1
5 minutes of gentle stretching exercises that can be done standing or seated
Shawnta Wright, Mindful Bodies Owner
9:15 – 9:45Educational Session #1Mental Health Basics
Attendees will learn the basics of mental health and mental illness. Tips, Symptoms, a few facts, and next steps will be provided.
LCMHC Yolanda Jones
9:45 – 10 Self-care break #2
Participants will complete an interactive :scaling your stress activity”, which will help them to manage and address some of their stressors
Sabriya Dobbins
Project Passport
10 – 10:30Educational Session #2 The Stages of Loss & Grief  – Covid-19 Related Life Changes
This workshop session takes a candid look at everyday individuals dealing with the effects of Covid-19 through the lenses of the grieving process. It’s raw, It’s real, It’s happening now, as we learn from friends and families the impact of Covid-19 on their everyday life.
LCMHCA Rose Lawrence
10:30 – 10:45Self-care break #3 – Participants will participate in a self care drawing activity that will help them remember the positive things in their lives and practice gratitude.

10:45 – 11:15
Educational Session #3 – Depression 101
Depression is a leading killer across the board. Learn techniques in order to overcome this monster which Somebody was even more difficult doing the pandemic. Or… The wellness recovery action plan is a plan you can develop for yourself in order to be well, stay well, and have others assist when you’re not doing well.
LCMHC Yvonne Addison

11:15 – 11:45
Educational Session #4Suicide Prevention 101
Suicide is one of the top preventable causes of death in our country. In this presentation, I discuss the statistics on suicide while identifying risk factors. I cover ways to discuss suicide with clients to assess urgency and determine appropriate actions. I also cover the development of a safety plan for clients who are not apparently in imminent danger.
LCMHCA Peggy Hastie
11:45 – 12:00Self-care break #4 – Participants will engage in a fun self care “ABC activity” & visualization exercise. Participants will leave with an some self care tools & a sense of relaxation. 

12:00 – 12:30
Educational Session #5 Anxiety 101
This workshop will cover the basics of
1. What is Anxiety
2. Types of Anxiety
3. Signs and Treatment
4. Resources
LCMHC Sharon Mosley
12:30 – 1:00 Educational Session #6 PTSD 101
PTSD 101 will help us define what posttraumatic stress disorder is, identifying signs and symptoms and coping skills to manage PTSD.
LCMHCA Ashley Gilmore
1:00 – 1:15Conference wrap up & next steps
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Shawnta Wright

Our virtual mini-conference will be held on Zoom video conferencing and is geared towards the general public (this conference is not geared towards professional mental health clinicians). The cost of the conference is $Free and open to the public but donations are appreciated on

Instructor Bios

Shawnta Wright (pronounced Shawn Tay) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor – Supervisor (LCMHC-S) . She earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1996 from UNC Chapel Hill and a Masters Degree in Community Agency Counseling (now called clinical mental health counseling) from NCCU in 2006. Shawnta has been a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1996 & a licensed Zumba instructor since 2011.

In 2010, Shawnta bridged together her background in mental health and physical fitness and founded Mindful Bodies, LLC.  Shawnta provides mental health counseling to adults, adolescents, children, couples, families & groups for issues including, but not limited to, general weight management, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, identity development, stress management, self-esteem, self image, body image, domestic violence, sexual assault, couples, families, parenting issues & Gottman Method Couples Counseling.

Shawnta provides clinical supervision to provisionally licensed counselors (LCMHC-As) . She also offers mental health counseling to other therapists who are working towards issues that included but are not limited to work/ life balance, counter transference, self awareness, trauma, professional identity development, relationships, identity, life transitions, general weight management, eating disorders & mood disorders.

One of the most interesting facts about Shawnta is that she was the coach of Durham Senior (citizens) Divas & Dudes cheerleaders from 2004 – 2010.

For more information about Shawnta, text 919-812-3172 , email or visit

Sabriya Dobbins graduated from North Carolina State University with dual Bachelor’s degrees in Animal Science and Social Work and she is currently a Master’s candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She created Project Passport with the dream of providing a transformational, experiential mental well-being adventure that focused more on supporting the participants in improving their mental wellness rather than escaping their problems. She also wanted to create dynamic event spaces for people to challenge the status quo of mental wellness and to achieve personal wellness. Her goal is to help individuals reach their greater capacities and to push them to pursue their goals and aspirations through unconventional experiences. We are the sole architects of our lives, she believes, hence it is our responsibility to design masterpieces that we believe in. FUN FACT: She is obsessed with theme parks and traveling!

Contact Sabriya on the contact us page (under the meet us tab) of

Sabriya’s Self Care Break Activities:

Yolanda Jones has a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling as well as a Masters Degree in Education specializing in School Counseling. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Yolanda has been an elementary school counselor for 8 years at Princeville Elementary. Prior to becoming a school counselor, she provided community-based mental health services to adolescents. Yolanda conducted mental health assessments on children, adolescents, adults, and individuals recently released from jail. She also worked at a residential facility for adolescents with mental health disorders and severe autism. Yolanda enjoys running, crocheting, knitting, putting together jigsaw puzzles, and reading. She collects trolls and Mickey Mouse memorabilia. She loves plants.

Yolanda’s Mental Health Basics PowerPoint:

Peggy Hastie is living a repurposed life. After thirty years of conducting research for Corporate America, she is dedicating her life to easing the suffering of others. Peggy has co-led a grief group and has a heart for those suffering from loss. She has an MA in counseling and has obtained an associate license in mental health counseling. Peggy did her internship semesters in middle school and high school environments where she co-led “Signs of Suicide” guidance lessons and conducted suicide assessments for at-risk students. Attend Peggy’s session on suicide prevention 101 to benefit from what she has learned about suicide both academically and experientially.

Sharon Mosely is a a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years of experience. Her educational background includes degrees in Agency Counseling (M.S.) and History (B.S) from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She is the owner of The Fit Talk PLLC. Her approach to therapy is person-centered combined with cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness practices. Sharon offers counseling and health coaching services to individuals and groups. She has experience providing individual, family, and group therapy for those struggling with a variety of mental health issues. Sharon holds an A.C.E. fitness nutrition specialty certification. She is committed to healthier living and believes one of the best ways to approach this is through walk and talk therapy. She encourages clients to move beyond the office setting and take sessions outside for a walk when possible. Sharon enjoys giving back to my community and served 15 years as a volunteer Mental Health Disaster Therapist with the American Red Cross, assisting families and individuals in crisis. She currently serves as a volunteer community member with the Durham County Hospital Corporation Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Committee. She is also a member of the American Counseling Association. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and participating in races including 5ks and half marathons. FUN FACT: She rode a bicycle across the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

For more information about Sharon , please email her at or 919-695-7170 or visit

Sharon’s Anxiety 101 PowerPoint:

Rose Lawerence has a Masters Degree in Human Services with a Minor in Mental Health Administration; a Masters Degree in Counselor Education is currently practicing in the state of North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (LCMHCA). She is currently an Intensive In Home Therapist and Supervisor at Pride In North Carolina in Greenville, NC. Rose has many years of experience working with a diverse population in various mental health settings to include: Youth and Adolescents at risk for out of home placement or incarceration, DJJ involved clients and clients with co-occurring disorder (IDD and Mental Health diagnoses). Areas of specialty worked in includes Psycho social Rehabilitation (PSR), Multi systemic Therapy (MST), and Day Treatment for youth in trouble. She is a wife to a loving husband, the mother of four beautiful girls, and one boy, our dog Apollo. She loves window shopping, binge watching Netflix’s, cooking, and going to the movies (all by herself). Rose loves her church family, and she loves, loves, children.

Ashley D. Gilmore, MS.ED, MFT, LCMHCA, NCC. is an advocate for couples, families and individuals to become stronger emotionally and to manage everyday life. Ashley is a wife, mother, daughter and friend. One fun fact is that she loves Target dates!

Ashley’s PTSD 101 PowerPoint presentation:

M. Yvonne Addison has a Masters Degree in School Counseling and received licensure as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) in 2007. She is a retired school counselor of 16 years with Durham Public Schools where she provided services to elementary-aged children. Everyone at some time in their lives will experience sadness or “feeling down.” This is a normal part of life. Feelings of sadness and grief can develop because of stressful events such as the death of a loved one, illness, or loss of a job. Due to COVID-19, isolation has become a stressor for many people. However, there is a difference between sadness and depression. Feelings that last for more than two weeks, and sometimes years, that affect the person’s ability to function can be called depression. There are many common symptoms that are associated with depression. Having an understanding of what depression is and knowledge of the symptoms can empower a person to seek help if needed, and to take an active part in helping a family member or other significant person in their life. This workshop will present attendees with an overview of depression by defining what it is, the symptoms, treatment options, and what to do with the information. During her employment as a school counselor, she worked part-time with community based mental health agencies as an outpatient intensive in-home therapist. She provided services to children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. She is an ordained minister and her counseling skills are used as part of pastoral care ministry at her church. In 2016, she received her certification as a Biblical Life Coach. Her private practice, Life Restoration Services, PLLC, is located in Durham where she practices a biblical approach to counseling. Restoring hope with compassion, patience, and providing a listening ear for adults, adolescents, and children is important to her. Services provided are grief and loss, women’s issues, spiritual counseling, and relationship counseling. Spending time with her almost 4 years old granddaughter brings joy to her life. When she is not having fun with her granddaughter, she is dancing. She is the lead praise and worship dance minister at her church. She loves the outdoors (especially the beach and mountains). Traveling to interesting places and trying new recipes are exciting to her. Family is important to her and she desires to see other families strengthened.

Yvonne’s Depression 101 PowerPoint: