Virtual Walk/Run

  • Participants can log in to the Zoom conference meeting starting at 7:40 am for pre-walk-run camaraderie.
  • The walk/run will start at 8 am with the race coordinators, Matthew Thompson & Yolanda Jones,  blowing a start cannon & starting the event clock. 
  • Participants will choose their own distance 1, 2, or 3 miles & will keep track of their own mileage with various run apps such as the Nike run app.
  • The virtual walk/run can be done on a treadmill, walking in place, walking back & forth indoors or outdoors, or a traditional walk/ run around your neighborhood or local trail – the choices are limited-less.
  • Participants can either stay logged into the Zoom conference meeting (with their audio muted) while they complete their walk/run distance & keep their cameras on or off while they complete their distance or they can log out of the Zoom conference meeting and log back on to the meeting after they complete their run/walk.
  • When participants complete their walk/run, they will announce their success on the Zoom conference meeting & will be cheered on by the race coordinator. 
  • Participants must plan to finish their walk/run by 8:55 am so the next conference event can start at 9 am