Mental Health

Mental Health

Looking for our Covid-19 Related Virtual Services? Please go to the  the news & events page of our Website for a detailed list our virtual mental health,  physical fitness services & workshops/ seminars.

Mindful Bodies licensed professional counselors & therapists help clients & other therapists address the 8 SPICEES-F (social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, environmental, spiritual & financial) dimensions of wellness through individual & group counseling for issues, including but not limited to, depression, anxiety, self worth, self esteem, work/life balance, identity development, parenting, couples & family issues,  general weight management & eating disorders. 

We also offer several counseling groups including the Fit Mind/Fit Body (FM/FB) weight management group for adults, the SHAPEDOWN (SD) weight management group for kids, teens & their caregivers & the Bulimia Nervosa & Binge Eating Disorder (BN & BED) group for adults & the Mindful Eating (ME) group for adults. 

Eating Disorder Hotline         Domestic Violence Hotline

Suicide Prevention Lifeline           Sexual Assault Hotline

The cost of our individual mental health counseling sessions is $100 per session. Sliding fee scale (pay what you can afford) is available for all of Mindful Bodies programs and services.

Our 12 week Bulimia Nervosa (BN) & Binge Eating Disorder (BED) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Group is held on Thurs nights from 7 – 8:15 pm during the weeks of (see dates on our home page in the upcoming events section). Make-Up sessions are held on-line via the webex app or Pre-registration & an intake session are required for group attendance so contact shawnta wright at 919-812-3172 for more information. New group members can be added until the 3rd week of group so you can still enroll in group after the group start date. We also offer individual mental health counseling sessions if the group won’t fit your schedule or needs.The cost of the BN & BED group is $20 per session. The cost of individual counseling sessions is $100 per session.

The weekly topics for Bulimia/ BED group include (1) Adaptive Functions of Eating Disorders (2) Family and Personal History Regarding Food & Weight (3) Distorted and Sabotaging Thinking Regarding Food & Weight (4) The Power of Language to Shape Thought Patterns & Subsequent Actions (5) Body Image & the Need to Develop an Essential, Not Ornamental Self (6)Belief in the Thinness Myth, Self Esteem & Self Worth (7) Perfectionism, Competition & Loneliness (8) Women’s Conflict Around Achievement ( 9) Control, Helplessness, The Ability to Nurture & Be Nurtured (10) The Importance of Sex Roles, Intimacy & Sexuality (11) Trust, Mistrust & Risk Taking (12) Group Wrap up & Next Steps

Our next 12 week FM/FB group will be held on Mon nights from 7 – 8:15 pm and make-up sessions are held online on . Pre-registration & an intake session are required for FM/FB individual or FM/FB group session attendance so text or email Shawnta at 919-812-3172 or We can accept new group members in the FM/FB group through the 3rd group meeting of the group cycle. The FM/FB group helps clients who are overweight or obese make permanent lifestyle changes by teaching them practical and psychological (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) skills needed to lose weight & prevent future weight gain. After completion of the FM/FB program, clients may continue to work on weight management through the Forever Fit program (F2) which meets monthly. The cost of group FM/FB sessions is $20 per session. The cost of individual FM/FB sessions is $100 per session. The cost of F2 group sessions is free. FM/FB individual or group session attendance includes once per week Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) session. SGPT is a different Mindful Bodies service than FM/FB so the SGPT sessions are held at a different time than FM/FB sessions.

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The topics that we will discuss in FM/FB group include (1) Motivate Yourself Daily (wk 1 & 2). (2) Weigh Yourself Regularly & Set Realistic Goals (wk 3). (3) Mindful Eating (wk 4). (4) Give Yourself Credit (wk 5). (5) Get Moving (wk 6). (6) Overcome Hunger, Cravings & Emotional Eating (wk 7). (7) Plan & Monitor Your Eating (wk 8). (8) Follow Your Plan, No Matter What (wk 9). (9)Get Back on Track Right Away (wk 10). (10) Monitor Your Calorie Consumption (wk 11 & 12).

We offer the 10 week SHAPEDOWN (SD) Program for children/teens and their parents/caregivers. SD helps families learn and practice weight management. After completion of the SD program, families may continue to work on weight management through our advanced SD program. The cost of group SD is $50 per family, per session. The cost of individual family SD sessions is $100.

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We offer clinical supervision for LCMHC-As . The cost for LCMHC-A supervision is $35 for 2 hr group sessions (3 – 12 supervisees) & $50 for 1 hr individual sessions (1 or 2 supervisees). NCBLCMHC states that 75% or more of the 100 required supervision hours must be individual and no more than 25% of the hours can be group supervision.

Mindful Bodies accepts private pay & sliding fee scale (pay what you can afford) for our mental health services, including out clinical supervision services. 

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